Stunning Wedding Hair And Makeup On Unique Makeup Tutorial Ideas With Wedding Hair And Makeup

Stunning Wedding Hair And Makeup On Unique Makeup Tutorial Ideas With Wedding Hair And Makeup - Different Countries Different Makeup Styles

Beauty pageant competition for make-up artist, Martha Tilaar PAC collaboration with the Fashion & Food Festival (JFFF), Mal Kelapa Gading, i.e. PAC Asian Ivory Beauty Award (AGBA) bring together make-up artist from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, the Philippines, and Japan.

Use Face Painting makeup, as much as 54 contestants explore makeup face with bright colors to get recognition as a professional makeup artist, young and talented. As a result, make-up artist Indonesia buy up good champion category nationally and internationally because of his creativity is high.

Through this competition, make-up artist Indonesia is increasingly known as a professional makeup artist with high creativity. In addition to the proven by winning the race, confession regarding the high creativity stylist makeup of Indonesia also came from make-up artist original iconic Singapore, Yuan. Acting as the jury competition AGBA, Ndt admiring makeup creations participants, mainly from Indonesia.

Wulan Tilaar, Vice Chairwoman Martha Tilaar Group, also admitted Indonesia has many talented makeup stylist. However, according to him this talent needs support and referrals primarily to hone skills and creativity.

If Indonesia has a makeup stylist is creative in exploring style make-up, other countries also have their respective advantages. Wulan explains, every country has the style of a different makeup. From the results of her makeup in this competition, giving his judgement regarding any Wulan style make-up of each State.

According to Wulan, Japan has a style of make-up that is more simple, because makeup stylists like to accentuate skin health. Women of Japan are known to have a high concern in skin care to get healthy skin.

Yet another with Singapore. To adjust to the lifestyle community Singapore, which used to the premium product, any make-up styles tend to be more simple, understated elegant side.

Meanwhile, Malaysia has a different taste. Like Singapore, Malaysia also have makeup style associated with fashion style. Malaysia's society love bright colored clothing and bling-bling. So with makeup, makeup styles Malaysia tend to be more daring play of colors.

"If Brunei, because only one contestant, I cannot pass judgement. While the Philippines, make-up his style still not exploratory, "lid.


Makeup tips for the Lazy Grooming


"I don't like make-up. Use any powder is rare due to my preoccupation. Moreover, my profession does not demand my stylish make-up. I want to change this habit. I want to know how stylish your make-up the simplest, not time consuming, and easier. " (Ninin, Bogor)

According to Amy Wirabudi, editor-in-Chief of the magazine InStyle Indonesia, first of all the facial skin care is important. Because without treatment, then the make-up will be insufficient results. If you want to dress up, then number one was wearing an elegant cream SPF.

When lazy to dress up, Amy pleads not memulaskan foundation, but put a bit of concealer that is one level more youthful than skin color along cheekbones. Afterwards, which is also fundamental to the make-up is eyebrows. So please fix the shape of the eyebrows with a pencil eyebrows and plucking part of the eyebrows that are not neat.

Usually people will be applying the powder. But Amy admitted dislike powdery, so do not use powder. Maybe this way it would be more appropriate for people who are lazy to dress up like you. Usually Amy just affix a thin powder with brush on a bone jaw and forehead.

After that, there are one or two steps more, depending on whether you are still lazy to dress up or not. If you are lazy to dress up, Amy will jump by directly memulas lipstick or lipgloss. After that, he was ready to get to work. However, if still want to add another step, she would blush and mascara on memulaskan before giving final touches to the lips.


Tips Make Up night and day Day ala Qiqi Franky


"Most importantly, apply makeup moment is facial skin clean and healthy. Want to be given any color, will surely look gorgeous, "says Qiqi to Compass Female, after the press conference launch of one facial skin care products at Plaza Indonesia, some time ago.

Facial skin healthy and clean well maintained already selayak the canvas for painting. Will make all riasannya look beautiful and attractive. When you know the skin already feels healthy and beautiful, it would be easier to meriasnya.

Qiqi says, that to make makeup during the day, it will be different with makeup in the evening. Qiqi suggested, so that during the day using cold colors, instead, for the evening, using a warm-colored riangan.

During the day

For daytime makeup, Qiqi suggest to use serum on the face that has been cleaned, so that makeup stand and stick longer. If you want to use the foundation so that the face looks free of cracks, Qiqi gives tips for mixing foundation and the serum with a 1:1 comparison on the backs of the hands, then smeared on the face and neck. If your foundation and blend serum last pretty well already on the look of skin, you do not need to add the powder, so impressed. Give also a foundation on the eyelids in order to make the eyeshadow was placed not quickly disappear.

For the color of the makeup, Qiqi suggested bright colors, such as pink. The color magenta can apply around on the part of the eye, and then for the face glow, use blush on Brown or pink. On the demo he did at the presence of the media, some time ago, Qiqi using yellow colors ivory, tanned, and shades of gray, and white eyeliner on the lower eyelids.

The evening

For the treatment of essence, remains the same as makeup during the day, clean face, wear a serum, and combine the foundation with a serum, and then apply it on the face. The difference is the level of the color riasannya. "The people of Indonesia for the skin, generally good if given tanned makeup colors," says makeup artist who also studied with Bruce Grayson, Director of Hollywood makeup artists, last year in Bali. He recommends color eyeshadow tanned and terracotta on the eyelids. While to make eyelashes thicker without the false eyelashes, Qiqi share tips, apply a thin mascara with a small brush, grab a little bit of powder sow, apply on the mascara. Let the powder stick on mascara, and then clear the rest, and apply mascara again. For a glamorous impression, wear lipgloss in the middle part of the bottom lip.